Road Work

Rosslyn Farms Borough
Street Opening Guidelines

Please be sure to follow these guidelines before proceeding with any street opening in Rosslyn Farms Borough.


  1. All street opening repairs must conform to the requirements listed on the Application for a Street Excavation/Opening. A completed application must be submitted prior to any work beginning. Click here to download a copy of the Application for a Street Excavation/Opening (Adobe Reader required).
  2. The opening must be inspected prior to backfill by the Borough of Rosslyn Farms' Road Department. Call 412-279-8108 to schedule.
  3. A street opening bond may be required at the building official's discretion.
  4. Street opening permit fees are as follows: $40 base fee, plus:
  5. Other fees as follows:
    • Twenty cents (20¢) per linear foot for excavation in excess of 50 feet in length.
    • Site inspection fees:
      Minimum deposit - $50. Based on hourly rates as established in Schedule A fee schedule set by resolution for Ordinance #343.
      Resolution 10-04: Gateway Engineers fees for inspection, etc.: $89/hour.
      Borough Fees: $26.84 regular rate and $40.26 overtime rate.
    • Penalty for excavation of new streets shall be 2% of the cost of restoring the excavation for each unelapsed month or fraction thereof of a five-year restriction period.
    • All other fees, insurance, or requirements as established in Ordinance #343 or by resolution.

Click here to download a Rosslyn Farms Application for a Street Excavation/Opening.

For more information or questions about street excavation or openings, please contact the Rosslyn Farms Road Department at 412-279-8108.