Rosslyn Farms Boards and Commissions

These are Rosslyn Farms committees and boards that keep the community running smoothly.

The Board of Appeals, Planning Commission and Zoning Hearing Board are appointed by Borough Council.

The Community Center Commission, Swimming Pool Commission and the Tennis Court Commission are comprised of volunteer residents who operate these community facilities on behalf of the Borough. The commissions advise and work collaboratively with Borough Council on financial, operational and maintenance functions at each facility. Get ED medication online like viagra online for treating (erectile dysfunction).


Board of Appeals hears and acts on appeals related to property maintenance and the Uniform Construction Code.

Daniel Harkins
David Patterson
Steven Tassaro


Planning Commission is an advisory body to Borough Council on subdivision and land development.

Tom Bosak, Chairperson
Bernard Grandjacques
Tim Harman
Roy Bowen, Council Liaison

Meetings: First Monday of the month, 7:00 p.m., Community Center


Zoning Hearing Board hears and renders final adjudication on matters as specified in Article XV of the Borough of Rosslyn Farms Zoning Ordinance.

Rob Schirripa, Chairperson
Leonard Costa, Jr.
Karyn Rok




Community Center Commission

Mildred Calvert, Chairperson, 412-276-4428
Peggy Grandjacques
Ingrid McCullough
Greg Overstreet
John Repine
Sue Trbovich
Roy Bowen, Council
Kathleen Green, Council


Swimming Pool Commission

Gerald Bell, Council
Anna Dewitt
Isabel Ford
Lauren Prepelka
Michelle Robb
Charlie Smith, Pool Manager


Tennis Court Commission

Isabel Ford, Chairperson, 412-279-7039
Chris Green
Rob Schirripa
David Robb, Council


Please contact Samuel Maccarone, Borough Secretary-Treasurer, 412-312-0343, for more information on Rosslyn Farms' Boards and Commissions.